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Practical help for strata committees & owners

A well managed strata scheme needs a competent and energetic Committee. Committee members are volunteers and cannot do everything. That’s where Strata Answers comes in. Strata Answers is there to help organise the Committee’s business and to help them achieve what’s best for their building. Strata Answers does the heavy lifting.

Tonja Gibson and her team at Strata Answers have completely transformed our Strata Titled Complex.


Perhaps you have a strata manager but need some more hands on help? Wouldn’t your Strata Committee like some of the hard work done for them?

The best buildings are always looking for ways to improve.We work with Committees to make sure that projects move ahead, owners and residents are kept informed and the lives of Committee members remains intact!

Things not going well with your strata manager? Time for a change?

It can be painless!

We will find you a manager that really fits your scheme using a fair and independent tender process

How do owners in your scheme share their ideas ?

How does your Committee know what owners want?

Need a professionally produced newsletter?

Thought about a website?

We make your AGM memorable with presentations – more owners might attend !

We run owner surveys on issues from whether to change the colour of the lobbies to finding out if owners support a special levy.

Do you have a building manager?

Whether you have a building manager or not, you know that the way your building is managed affects your levies.

Good building records are vital and you may need a building management program for this.

Talking to us will help you decide.

Drawing on our experience we recommend and implement building management programs.

We also find you the right building manager using a fair and independent tender process

Have you done all it takes to make your building a premium building?

Does it measure up to what’s now available?

Talk to us about ways to save energy, money and the planet

Will they ever go away?

Whether it’s engaging the right consultants or steering your project to completion, we are there to assist owners and the Committee with our time and experience

Did you know?

A good NABERS rating can make your building a premium building

NABERS for Apartments is now available

Contact us to obtain a NABERS assessment on the 6 Star scale

Strata Access for Strata Managers, Solicitors & Consultants

 For building managers, strata managers and solicitors we provide coordinated access for inspections and works. We communicate with your residents to advise them of the access required and follow through to confirm availability. We can also provide detailed reports for owners corporations wanting to get a snapshot of issues in their building.

Question: How do you get 4 experts to visit 100 apartments in 3 days with 100% access success?  

Solution: Give Strata Answers the task.

“Accessing units and coordinating inspections is never easy, and a distraction from the consultant’s role. Having Strata Answers to perform this function is brilliant.”

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